Client : Kind of Heroes
Role : Founder + Creative + Graphic Designer
Description: As the brand owner, I have developed a unique business model and brand DNA, based on the Triple Impact Business Model, with 3 fundamental pillars: economic benefit, social perspective and care for the environment. Sustainable brand designed to build climate awareness, support and create a community that take sustainability as a lifestyle. 
Work : ‍Brand identity design.

Client : Figure8
Role : Graphic Designer
Description: Figure8 is an israeli App who easily manage kids’ rides and carpools in USA. 
Work: ‍Content design for e-mailing, newsletters, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Client : Israel’s Smart Cities Community
Role : Creative + Graphic Designer
Description: Brand design based on the cities of Israel, an iconographic visual language that was born from the concept of the logo. Israel’s Smart Cities Community is a great project led by Yariv Sade. It seeks to develop projects and generate links in the community.
Work: ‍Logo design, graphic material & merchandising.

Client : BabyFirst TV
Role : In-house Graphic Designer
Description: American TV channel for toddlers and babies. Daily design for content on social networks.
Work: ‍Content design for Facebook, Instagram and 8 Youtube channels. 

Client : Telefonica Foundation
Role : Creative + Graphic Designer
Description: Working in an agency as an in-house graphic designer, I created the brand bases for Telefonica’s campaign on the World Day Against Child Labour. The concept was to show that through education, children can improve, be professionals and have a better future. I decided to work with photos of children and vectors to approach a serious subject in a playful way.
Work: ‍Logo design, brand foundations, illustrations & merchandising.

telefonica foundation poster design peru boy

telefonica foundation poster design peru girl

Graphic deesigns for the telefonica foundation campaign

Poster graphic design Fundacion Telefonica

Graphic deesigns for the telefonica foundation campaign

Graphic deesigns for the telefonica foundation campaign

Client : Comuna Epica
Role : Creative + Graphic Designer
Description: This brand provides a service based on Design Thinking, developing personal purposes and helping organizational culture. At the same time, it bases its communication on daily life and the elements we consume. It is an ally of brands with purpose and they feed off each other.
Work: ‍Logo design, graphic material & merchandising.

Client : Minister of Education Peru
Role : Art Director 
Description: Buenas Practicas Docentes is a contest of the Ministry of Education of Peru that awards the best teachers in the country, who develop innovative school education. 
Work: ‍Art direction, graphic materials and audiovisual for the award.

Client : Alto
Role : Creative + Graphic Designer
Description: Alto is a cafeteria service within gas stations. The concept was focused on the fact that food and drinks give energy to a client who is mostly on the way to another place and just stops by… bright colors, dynamic packaging, the use of encouraging messages, in general a refreshing design.
Work: ‍Advertising for magazines, packaging and touch screens..

Client : Gloria Group
Role : Graphic Designer
Description: Gloria Group is a Peruvian conglomerate dedicated mainly to the food sector, especially in the sale of milk, and has a significant presence in Latin America.
Work: ‍Annual Memory 2008, design and layout.

Client : Camara Encantada
Role : Creative + Graphic Designer

Description: Camara Encantada, two photographers form a studio dedicated to photography of couple, newborns, children and family. We work together with design thinking and brainstorming techniques to create the brand.
Work: Creative concept, naming, logo & graphic line for the visual identity stationery.